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Why not do an hour's exercise (walking) just one-on-one with me, and discuss your organising issues at the same time? Now that's time management!

For only $12 (no, this is not a joke; yes, I know this is a great deal less than a personal trainer would cost; and yes, it is much less than the hourly rate for my coming to you as a professional organiser) we shall walk together and I shall answer your questions, motivate you, help you with your plans - whatever you would like.

These educational constitutionals are available in the early morning / late afternoon in the corridor between Balmain and Eastwood OR on the weekend anytime of the day reasonably close to Balmain.

There are some lovely locations, from harbour to park to bushland to streetscapes.

Stave off old age, stiff joints, excess weight, bad mood, emotional disengagement and chronic disorganisation in one go! Please email for more information or telephone 0430 163 653.


Sometimes we just want to know quickly - how-much-is-it-for-a-visit? Please click here to find out up-to-date prices.


Always Organised is not conducting training at the moment.

Click here if you want to know more about finding alternative organising training.



This marvelously motivating, two-CD package is designed to inspire you to get sorted, productive, clutter free, calm and content!

Listen 5 or 10 minutes every day or so. Absorb the messages. No effort required by you! Your outlook changes gradually, then magically, so will your behaviour!

It's almost too easy.

NB: It is not hypnotherapy or subliminal suggestion - just straightforward advice/hints.

At $23.95 (mailed), this has to be one of the most economical and least demanding ways of getting organised. To find out more about what could be your very own lifeline, please click here.

Reading this from overseas? You'll enjoy getting organised the Aussie way.


Be one of the first in Australia to do so! For two hours, in your own home, you will be entertained yet learn, too! There will be demonstrations, hands-on organising, sharing of stories, games, fun. It is the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, baby-on-the-way, housewarming - or just to get together with friends!

Always Organised in the Media

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like copies.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Long break from the press! Always Organised on hold indefinitely.

Nov/Dec 2008 Business in Practice (Australian Physiotherapy Association) - I was asked to write an article of helpful hints for organising one's physiotherapy practice.

November 2008 House and Garden, "Ask the Expert" - I answered a reader's question on what to do with all those magazines she loves to keep!

26 June 2008 Sydney Morning Herald , "Essentials" - I was approached for my hints on how to organise the kitchen

Winter 2008 issue of My Child - I gave a demonstration consultation as a basis for an article "Get Organised"

26 January 2008 - I appeared in Sydney Morning Herald's "My Career" section, interviewed for an article on coaching as a career, as professional organising involves coaching

December 2007 issue of House & Garden in the "Ask an Expert" column - I wrote about organising sentimental items when a relative moves to a retirement home

September 2007 Village Voice (Balmain) "Organise Your Labour of Love" - I was interviewed about my offer to conduct free organising for charitable organisations to celebrate National Organsing Week (offer was available for first week of September in 2008, too)

June 07 Real Living "Corporate Office" - Always Organised was mentioned as a solution to decluttering and organising the office

May 2007 - I spoke to Eastside Community Radio about organising and the Sydney Organising Expo (held Saturday 5 May 2007) ; The Sydney Organising Expo was covered in the Village Voice (Balmain); it was also covered in MX "Coming out of the Closet"; and Sydney's Child

29 March 2007 Sydney Morning Herald, "Essentials" - A journalist attended my organising course at Rozelle then wrote an article "Dust to Dust" on hoarding

December 2006 House and Garden "H&G Advice 12 days till Christmas" - I contributed to an article advising on preparing the home for the Christmas rush ("Clear out the cupboards")

November 2006 - I conducted a one-hour radio presentation on 2RRR in Sydney talking about how to organise a room (copy available for $7.95 posted)

September 2006 Village Voice (Balmain) - Local business profile interview

Always Organised appears in each issue of Vive's "Networking Calendar".

2006 to 2008 Always Organised undertook a great number of promotional events to help a wide variety of charities.

When you FEEL organised and decluttered you've reached your goal.
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